Jonathan A. Ortiz Leal (Santa Marta, Colombia, June 20, 1991) artistically known as Jonaorle is a Colombian portrait photographer, who discovered photography by accident at age 18 when a friend lent him an SLR camera for a few hours. He felt the connection that would change his life and immediately fell in love with art, Then he started to work as a portrait photographer in his hometown, since 2019 he lives in Cancun, Mexico, a place he met in a vacation two years ago, he declares his love for Cancun because of the color of its landscapes and beaches of the Mexican Caribbean.

He has never received academic training in photography or other professional areas, but constant practice and the help of many people have led him to travel the world to highlight the beauty of women from different countries, races, professions, he has collaborated with musical artists, celebrities, industry models and fashion editorials.

The lack of formal education in photography is not a disadvantage in this case, because it allowed Jonaorle to gain the time and space needed to take pictures without the pressure and rules that are usually added to art studios, his work is based on the combination of techniques, formats and styles to achieve unique portraits.

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