Hello, I’m Jonaorle and although I come from Santa Marta, Colombia, I currently live in Cancun, Mexico for 10 years that I travel the world with the illusion of showing that beauty is everywhere, now I can say that beauty is everywhere and that it has nothing to do with cosmetics, much less with the color of the skin, it just consists of being yourself.

My success as a photographer was thanks to social media where in one year so far I have reached 43 thousand followers on Instagram, in July 2020, I passed as a filter developer on Facebook and Instagram, my filters have 250 million impressionsplus a 2,5 million captures.

I belong to the Pexels hero community is a community is formed by the most outstanding photographers, my hero profile from June 2020 until today a counts 30 million views added to 8 million downloads, my photos are positioned in many digital articles in around the world.

Being a professional photographer has given me the opportunity to know other cultures and growing up I have photographed in cities like Paris, Madrid, Cancun, Tulum, Mexico City, Panama City, Bogota, Cartagena de India, Havana and many others to discover.

Find your passion and let it kill you…