Why don’t I deliver the photos unedited?

It goes without saying that you don’t ask a chef to deliver uncooked steaks to his client, no one asks an architect to deliver an unfinished house to his client. I understand that there are people who think that using digital retouching programs is cheating and who prefer to receive the raw photos, sometimes to speed up the time to have them, as they come out of the camera: luckily for everyone, you will find some photographer who has no problem to deliver them raw.

For me, Photoshop and Capture One are two more tools I use to work with, like the camera or lenses. A photo is not complete without being digitally retouched, I improve the color in all the images, to give cohesion to all the photos of the same session and to make them more aesthetic.

Some photos just need the lighting to be improved to be finished, for example.

Being a photographer is much more than having an expensive camera. I feel that when someone hires me, they do so because they like my style and the photos I take, not because my camera takes better photos than theirs.

Part of a photographer’s job is to photograph, of course, but there’s more to it: separating the good pictures from the not-so-good ones is not easy, and that takes a trained eye and a special sensibility. When someone hires me, they are also paying for my experience in choosing the best photographs, and for my critical eye, which allows me to discern the good photos from the bad ones.