Find your passion and let it kill you

Hello, I am Jonaorle and although I come from Santa Marta, Colombia, I currently live in Cancun, Mexico.

“I consider myself fortunate to be able to make many people happy with my images and to be able to move them with them.

Photography has always been part of my being; since I was a child I spent hours and hours drawing and capturing what I saw with paper and pencil.

But in my house, nobody knew about photography, there was nothing to refer to, I did not have any basic camera, unconsciously that concern was latent in me for a few years.

That was a hard blow for me and my family, a fact that caused me to share more time with my mother, since she broke off her relationship with my father when I was a child.

A few years later I dedicated myself to working in graphic design, this served to earn money and get my first camera, thus rediscovering what I already knew deep down and had not been able to explore and exploit.

I felt that photography was part of me; through it, I was able to show my vision of people, and above all to fall in love with each one of them, characteristics that make them unique.
My interest was growing little by little achieving to highlight the spark that each person carries, those that make us unique and particular.

After that first camera and more than 20,000 hours of study and empirical practice, opportunities came, added to the impulse of many people, allowing me to grow as a person and even more as a professional in photography, reaching cities like Paris, Madrid, Havana, Cancun, Mexico City, Panama City, Bogota, Cartagena de Indias, Belize, and many others to discover.

All this way I take what I like the most, which is to bring out the best in each person; regardless of their profession or occupation artists, celebrities, models, and/or brands that have my talent.

People who love my photographs always ask me:

“What are you really looking for,” and my answer is: “I look for light; color; the infinite look; naturalness; emotion or expression; the invisible to the rest, but visible to me”. When I find all that harmony, I feel that my heart and mind are the true lenses of my camera.

– Jonaorle

That’s why I love being a photographer, I know that everyone has their own life story, I admire the beauty of the world and what is behind it, yes, there is almost always something behind a super photograph, it is never made from anything or just because.

I always feel the need to photograph people, it is something that encourages me to leave home, travel, see different places and live new experiences.

I have been thinking for a long time about the power of passion. And, I have realized one thing:

People who succeed in life: they are passionate, so if you are passionate about photography, take a chance, start now…