"Every body is beautiful." will be a valuable audio-visual work that will include photographs and a documentary of the project, will serve as a tool to help women and girls identify the reality and avoid pressure from social networks to look a certain way.

The commitment is to help girls gain self-esteem and body confidence, a problem that affects 6 out of 10 girls who stop doing everyday activities because of self-consciousness. We want the next generation to grow up having a positive relationship with their appearance.

Our goal is to show the best of everyone, which does not have to be a work of fiction, never distorting the physical appearance or eliminating anything that is characteristic of a real woman, at the time of creating all photographs will comply with certain guidelines.

What we will not do

Modify skin tone, hair and eye color.

Retouching of the face, eyebrows, lips, ears, veins, moles, freckles, tattoos, scars, skin folds, cellulite, stretch marks, body hair, etc.

Eliminate natural wrinkles or smooth skin pores.

Alter or distort the body.

What we will do

We will remove some skin imperfections such as bruises, pimples, rashes, irritations, traces of lipstick and food from the teeth.

We will modify light balance to help recreate natural light, shadows or dark areas caused by lighting.

To achieve this, we are looking for brave women who are truly committed in front of a camera lens to put an end to the anxieties related to unattainable beauty standards promoted by social media.

Pay tribute to your body and give it the power to tell all women; "That every body is beautiful and that they take pride in their physical appearance."

Would you like to tell the story of your body through our cameras?

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