Do you hate your own photos?

No doubt, almost all of us go through periods of hating our own work, even if we love the process of photography itself. What can you do during those times? Artistic anxiety and how to overcome it and gain confidence in your work again.

Many of us fall victim to imposter syndrome, and it can be a really debilitating thing in a creative field. I think it’s always important to maintain a certain level of humility about one’s work and always be willing to learn more and grow, but the truth is that one can easily mistake humility for being overly self-critical.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

This can quickly turn into the feeling that none of your work is worthwhile. I’ve certainly been there, leaving whole batches of images unedited, even unsculpted, only to come back to them even months or years later and realize that there was a lot of potentials that I left because I lacked the confidence in my abilities to be more objective about the whole thing.