Collaborations are part of networking, of creating a network of contacts, of a strategy that will help us to become more visible, reliable and to position ourselves in the market. To collaborate with people or brands, I demand that these simple requirements are met.

1. Talk about the experience you had with @jonaorle in your Instagram stories during the photo shoot.

2. When you send your retouched photos, you must tag me @jonaorle in the center of the photo.

3. Also remember “free work only brings you more free work”. This way you give me the opportunity to get more work with your social media audience.

When do we deliver the pictures?
You will receive a 12 high resolution photographs in a link.
The final retouched images will be delivered within 10 working days after selection.

Will you deliver all the photos of the session to me?
Unfortunately no, I will be in charge of choosing the photos to retouch the choice is under my consideration, it happens that there can be a big disadvantage for professional photographers. If a client shows these unedited photos to friends and family, it could seriously damage the photographer’s reputation.

A professional artist shows his or her best work once the best photographs have been chosen and edited for their best quality and supreme beauty.

How much does a photo shoot cost?
You can check on this website with details of our prices.