Collaborations by exchange

At Jonaorle we are constantly looking for new faces who want to venture into the world of modeling, that’s why we offer you the opportunity to have a professional photo shoot totally free.

In exchange for your session and giving you high quality photographs with professional retouching, we ask for your permission to use some of these images in photography tutorials or to sell them in image banks.

Remember also “free work only brings you more free work”. This way you give me the opportunity to get another source of income for my work.

If you are interested in a completely free photoshoot, send us your name, city of residence and Instagram account to the following email, so you will enter our list of future collaborators and additional to our list of work as a model for any project.

Questions and Answers

When will you contact me?

Unfortunately due to time constraints we can’t say yes to everyone who writes to us, so consider yourself lucky if we get to contact you in the future.

How much does a photo session cost?
You can check the following link for rates.