5 mistakes in your photo book

A photo book is the letter of introduction of a model, actor, actor, actor’s assistant, etc. That’s why in your book you have to have wonderful pictures that will help you to achieve your purpose.

Remember that you are only as good as your worst photo. And casting directors, photographers and agencies will always remember the worst picture. So take good care of your image.

I’ll start with what they shouldn’t and try to be as lively as possible because I’m not going to do reference photos out of respect for everybody, but of course we have a lot of examples.

  1. No selfies, in the mirror, in the bathroom or whatever are not ideal for a book.
  2. Don’t send party photos, it’s hard to meet more friends (many cases of photos are blurry at night and of poor quality, I’ve seen photos with glasses and a cigarette in the back).
  3. Lying down or turning your back we know they are pretty girls, but turn your back or head back, forget it, these are the photos you use on your social media.
  4. Without glasses a company wants to see your face and wants to sell your face to brands, sending a photo with glasses does not help us.
  5. Working (at stands, activities, events) they are not part of it, they are only used to check your experience with certain activities. Especially at points of sale.

This is what they expect of you:

  1. Finding a good photographer to make a book is the best investment. It will help you get more job opportunities.
  2. Less is more all you need is a t-shirt, jeans, swimming costume, trainers or high heels (if applicable), a nice white wall, good lighting and a professional photographer.
  3. Portraits are the ones that really help us because we see your whole body and they’re easy to use, so they’re the most useful for you.
  4. Clean face portrait is basic you should always include a photo of your face with little make-up (in the case of a woman) in your book.
  5. Sending photos done for an editorial, will help you get placed in many other projects (and with better budgets).

How many photos to post

A book doesn’t get more attention because of how many pictures are in it. The truth is that they should be few, very well selected with a maximum of 12 to 15 photographs that represent you graphically with the maximum possible registers at a physical or aesthetic level as well as expressive.

More tips

If you want more tips, or information, contact me for a photo book this month.